Simplifying Your Work With the Help of Resume Templates

Resume templates can simplify your work substantially, irrespective of the fact that you need to make a resume for a fresher or an experienced professional. The templates for both are different and easy to adopt for putting your information. There are templates for different fields. We give you two examples here in the following sections.

Education Resume Template

There are two major profiles in the education sector, viz., a teacher’s and a student’s, that is why we chose to give resume templates for both of them. Here we have given the difference in the way their information should be presented. The major difference being in the sequence of sections of the resume.

Student Resume Template

Objective: Emphasize more on the desire to learn new things in the course of work and also implementing whatever you have learned. This is what is expected out of a freshly graduated person by the recruiters.

Educational Details: Here you need to mention everything in detail with respect to the marks you have scored at every level in a chronological manner and make sure you mention the academic duration or year too. You may either choose to write it in brackets or in a tabular format.

Co Curriculum Activities: There is a lot of emphasis given to the extra activities a student does apart from the regular curriculum in the course they have inducted themselves in. Since there is nothing to write in the professional experiences section, make sure everything you think will win you an extra point.

Teacher Resume Template

Objective: This might be a tricky statement to make. Although a teacher is expected to have a high amount of initiative and influential qualities, it can be dicey to put it in your objective statement as it might threaten the management rather than counting it as one of the strong points. So, in this case play safe and show your willingness to be a part of any new initiative. This is sure to be appreciated.

Professional Details: Use the chronological order to fill in this section. The tenure you have served in each organization and the responsibilities you have handled, etc.

Educational Qualification: Here too you should put your latest qualification first. You can be a little tactful here when it comes to your scores in the courses you have done. If the figures are not very impressive, avoid mentioning them. Keep it for the interview rounds. Or in case your scores are good but the universities are not so reputed, highlight the former.

These were educational resume templates; you will find many others like sales resume template, etc., look for one that you find attractive and useful for yourself.

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